I ♥ School

I’m a real life student, and my semester began on Monday. I’m anticipating lots of late nights studying (mostly because I procrastinate). It’s always good to be as comfy as one can when studying, so I like to do it in my jammies or undies. Depends on what I’m studying really. Lola has a sweet Dollarbie (aka 1 L) over at Acid Lily. It can definitely be used for more…how shall I say it…sexy occasions. 😉 The crop top and lace up boy shorts’ heart print is too cute! Pick it up before it goes away at Acid Lily.

*Raw photo using JuicyBomb.com windlights Juicy Loves You*


.:LoLa:. hotpants hearts @ Acid Lily

Truth Hair Layla

W&Y Spectacles (comes with Hair New 15)

Slink Bare Mesh Feet

Dryad Designs Heartbroken Ring

Glitterati Laptop with Poses

Zooby Ultimate Orange Cat (My long time sl pet named after my long gone rl kitty named Milo)

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